Our advantages

We offer American blend – a traditional American blend, which includes: 45% Virginia, 40% Burley, 15% Orientals (these proportions may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but not dramatically). Virginia is responsible for the sweetish flavor, Burley adds strength, and Orientals add flavor to the mix. The strength is average, the taste is vaguely reminiscent of cigarettes.

Our Principles


During its existence, its own model of work has been formed. By trial and error, a successful sales process was created.


The Bacco started operations in 2018. It is now a thriving organization with a network of branches. An effective strategic plan has been developed to achieve the highest business performance in a short period.


The program for the selection and training of personnel makes it possible to get not only a salesman-cashier, but an active member of the team, contributing to the common cause. The success of a company is built by individuals, so team building is an important step on the path to prosperity.


Cigarettes are in demand even with anti-nicotine efforts. People are still smoking. For the foreseeable future, this niche will remain profitable, despite all the prohibitions.


The tobacco leaves we work with undergo a processing and quality control procedure established by a foreign company. Due to this, it is possible to obtain cigarettes of “imported” quality.


We do not just sell franchises, we are looking for partners who are ready to develop brands and business in general with us. It is extremely important for us that partner restaurants are successful and have the same or even better performance than in the corporate network.

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